Shut down services

High-quality shutdown services on schedule

Empower’s operating model is based on our experience of implementing maintenance shutdowns in different areas of industry. Our maintenance shutdown service makes the process cost-effective, simple and easily manageable.

We carry out various types of maintenance shutdowns, on schedule and to the highest standards. Clear control over work safety, clarity of operations control and responsibilities, efficient utilisation and control of the maintenance staff’s resources, flexible control of work, and clear and immediate feedback practices, all guarantee a successful and accident-free annual maintenance process. We report on the progress of work and the financial costs of a project in real time, which improves the efficiency of projects.

Shutdowns can be implemented as a comprehensive project delivery that includes, among other things, project and management personnel, planning, resourcing, implementation and reporting, or smaller sub-areas. In addition to maintenance shutdowns, we offer other projects, such as new installations in production facilities, and projects occurring within the framework of shutdowns.

The process

The client decides on the time of the shutdown, after which agreement is made, at a joint meeting between the production and maintenance groups, on the work to be done during the shutdown. Afterwards, responsibility for maintenance-related implementation of the shutdown shifts to the head of services from Empower who is responsible for managing maintenance. The maintenance group at the facility in question may consist of either a joint group of staff from Empower and the customer, or simply of staff from Empower’s maintenance department. Maintenance performed as part of shutdowns can be carried out on the basis of a separate agreement, or it can be included in the service agreement.

Our service offering

Mechanical work

  • Machine and equipment installation
  • Manufacturing and installation of steel structures (in accordance with the EN 1090 standard).
  • Welding and plate services
  • Manufacturing and installation of piping
  • Valve maintenance
  • Pump installations
  • Reactor work
  • On-site service and repair work for a range of different machinery and equipment

Electrical automation work

  • Cleaning of transformers/transformer facilities
  • Brush carbon maintenance of DC motors
  • Cleaning of electrical centres/rail systems
  • Changing of frequency changer converter fans
  • Inspections/calibrations of transmitters with customer’s equipment
  • Commissioning/tests of automation circuits
  • Inspection/repair of current transformers
  • Repair of flow measurement amplifiers
  • Maintenance/repair of process monitoring cameras
  • Collector slip ring maintenance/-cleaning
Mobile work supervision utilised during UPM Kymi’s maintenance shutdown

Empower was the main contractor for UPM Kymi’s annual maintenance in autumn 2017. Mobile work supervision was utilised in monitoring the service maintenance and alteration tasks carried out during the shutdown. It provided UPM with nearly realtime information about the progress of different subprojects and phases during the most extensive shutdown the pulp mill has ever undertaken.

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