Service workshops

Service workshop services for the timely servicing and maintenance of equipment

Our experienced experts provide customers with operational reliability and allow them to focus on their own business operations. With our wide selection of services, our customer can get all the needed maintenance centre services at the same location, on a turnkey basis, and always on schedule.

Empower offers flexible maintenance services for a range of different areas of industry. We provide maintenance services at our maintenance centres located in Lappeenranta, Kotka, Inkeroinen and Kuusanniemi, as well as at our customers’ sites.

We have nearly 20 years of experience with maintenance centre services. Every year, we service nearly 1 000 electrical motors and 500 additional components. The production and design of structural welded steel assemblies and product systems is certified under the EN 1090 standard, and welding offered as part of regional and project services has the ISO 3834 quality certificate.

Our services comprehensively cover proactive maintenance, servicing, repair and winding. 

  • Generator and electrical motor maintenance
  • Switch and switchgear maintenance
  • Transformer and magnet maintenance
  • Maintenance of automation equipment
  • Manufacturing of new rolls as a comprehensive delivery
  • Changes of rolls
  • Servicing of rolls
  • Refinement of rolls
  • Servicing of suction rolls
  • Blade servicing: rotating blades, pick blades
  • Equipment services: pumps, fans, mixers, valve maintenance, gear maintenance, and other devices
  • Component maintenance: screws, axles, etc.
  • Plate work
  • Steel structure work (EXC2): treatment levels, framework, lifting beams, tanks reservoirs, repair welds)
  • Welding work
  • Machining: lathing, routing, reaming, sharpening
    The span of the longest piece we can process is approx. 10 metres, and the corresponding diameter is 1.5 m
  • Equipment assembly
  • Screw manufacturing
  • Pressure leak repair with involving no stoppage of the production process
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