Productivity, extension and modernisation projects

Demanding productivity, expansion and modernisation projects with high quality

With our digitised processes and tools, we implement projects efficiently, flexibly and transparently. Our customers can track the progress of projects in real time.
  • Equipment service and modernisation
  • Improvement projects
  • Equipment relocation
  • Dismantling projects
  • Installation and service of mechanical equipment
  • Installation and service of electrical and automation equipment
  • Manufacturing and installation of steel structures
  • Project implementation and project management services
  • Planning and commissioning services
  • Procurement and procurement planning services
  • Delivery and installation monitoring services
  • Preliminary project specifications, and project pre-planning
    • Preparation of documents for public authorities, and obtaining associated permits
    • Planning and specification of structures, equipment and machinery
    • Preparation and coordination of schedules
    • Preparation of planning documents, and maintenance of versions


  • Preparation of procurement documents
  • Coordination of procurements, and scheduling of deliveries
  • Mapping out procurements of equipment and machinery, and arrangement of the bidding process
  • Factory inspections

Empower responsibly handles customers’ various legally mandated operations monitoring tasks.

  • Management and monitoring of installation work, in accordance with plans and work safety documents
  • Daily tracking of progress of work, and reports to the customer as agreed
  • Work site safety inspections and reporting together with the customer
  • Timely implementation of installation inspections, installation quality control, and participation in inspections by public authorities
  • Preparation of commissioning and testing plans
  • Coordination of the various sub-areas of commissioning and testing, and of the interfaces and schedules thereof
  • Implementation of commissioning and testing on the planned schedule and within the planned scope
  • Assessment and approval of results obtained from commissioning and testing
  • Preparation of commissioning and testing documentation
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