Operation and maintenance

Deep domain competence

Our core business is to help our customers ensure and improve the reliability and productivity of their production assets.

To achieve these goals, our operation and maintenance services have a central role. The development of our own business is based on a continuous model and we are also investing heavily in digitalisation solutions that utilize new technology that we offer to our customers.

Maintenance and fault repair of substations

Substations are power supply hubs that deliver electricity to multiple operators. In this case, regular maintenance ensures a more reliable power supply and uninterrupted distribution. We draw up maintenance plans and carry out relay tests as agreed, and provide an on-call service and troubleshooting service as part of our maintenance. Fault situations require a quick response and in-depth professional skills to quickly resolve the problem. Our network is extensive and our professionals serve our customers all over Finland and the Baltic countries. Our digital services increase intelligence in the maintenance of substations when we get information through sensors and we can r control and operate the substation remotely.

Maintenance and fault repair of power lines

The maintenance of power lines requires expertise to perceive the necessary remedies and the ability to implement the correction log generated by the inventory. We perform mapping walks, and utilize aerial drone photography to locate the needed actions and get our customers' assets up to date by taking care of, for example, adjustments to the harness (harusten säädöistä), the accessibility of the environment and the installation of warning balls on the power lines to protect birds.

Maintenance of the wind farm internal network

Empower has professional staff all over Finland and can provide our wind power customers with the operation and maintenance service of the power plant's internal network. In accordance with the established maintenance plan, we ensure the availability of the wind turbine and we also have the capability to locate and handle unforeseen faults.

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Our control room is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Acting as the extended arm of our customers, we deliver monitoring of production plants, transformer stations and supply systems as well as balance management, trading on the Elbas market in order to continuously optimize your prices and sales of electricity. Here, we are the only completely neutral player on the Nordic market. 

Our control room staff can give you service in Finnish, Swedish and English. The 24/7 monitoring of power production and distribution includes solving problems either directly or by contacting local service agencies for resolving issues on the spot. Among our customers are many hydroelectric and wind power producers with limited resources to set up a control room of their own. 

No matter what your size, balancing the production, selling and acquisition of electricity for maximum profitability is best done around the clock. We offer to do this as your trustworthy partner, in your name and based on your own trading principles. Just like our other services, what our control room has to offer can be customized according to your specific needs. For example, we can provide these services only outside office hours.

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Empower offers the following services that are needed for the basic operation of the Wind Farm in Finland. We can help you with all of them, or just some, depending on your needs.

Real time data collection and exchange services

Real time delivery to Fingrid is obligatory in Finland for all power plants which nominal capacity is more than 0,5 MW. Empower has ready-made connection solutions for several wind turbine manufactures system. If real-time data is not possible to collect from manufactures system, Empower can provide a RTU-based solution where data is collected from substation meters. In addition to Fingrid, real time data can be delivered to third parties like BRP or DSO, which can demand the data in their contracts.

Authority reporting services

Subsidies for renewable energy are granted by the Energy Authority. Wind power producers will not receive subsidies automatically - participant must apply for it quarterly in electronic production subsidy system (SATU). With Empower's feed-in tariff reporting service, customer gets subsidy without any own activity needed. Furthermore, personnel risks are managed because reporting is not dependent of an individual expert.

Within EU, regulation on wholesale market integrity and transparency (REMIT) places reporting responsibility for producers with more than 10MW capacity. Empower provides REMIT-reporting service by taking care of the needed messaging and monitoring towards ACER on behalf of the customer.

Operation supervisor services

According to Finnish Electrical Safety Act and decree, in order to ensure safe use of electrical equipment, e.g. power generation units, the owner of such electrical equipment must nominate a natural person who will be in charge as Operation Supervisor for its power generation units. To act as Operation Supervisor this person has to be certified with the Finnish S1 by SETI Oy. Without Operation Supervisor, it is not allowed to operate the wind farm.

The Operation Supervisor is responsible for usage and maintenance of all electrical equipment connected to main grid or distribution network so that all electrical equipment will be used according to the Electrical Safety Act and decree instructions.

Empower can take care of task related to substation and other electrical equipment to cover the windfarm grid as a service to the customer. Empower provides the contact information of the Operation Supervisor to the Safety Technology Authority (Tukes).

Operation Supervisor Services can be delivered only together with Electrical Maintenance Services.

Network/turbine monitoring and remote control 24/7

Feed-in tariff is paid for every MWh produced. Reducing duration of interruptions and failures has a big role in maximizing production. In addition, some DSO's in Finland require a network situation monitoring and remote control of switchgears from wind power producer. If the capacity of a wind site is more than 10MW, Fingrid requires 24/7 call-on possibility for down-regulation of production. The goal of network/turbine monitoring and remote control services is to keep the turbines on and fulfill the requirements of the DSO and Fingrid. The customer doesn't need to have its own personnel on 24/7 duty, and safety issues of both personnel and property are handled cost-efficiently. Empower is producing 24/7 services from own Control Room in Porvoo, Finland, with our operations control system. Service start-up will not need heavy projects because we have extensive experience in practice about the industry.

Reporting of e.g. interruptions and failures is tightly connected to monitoring and remote control. Reporting in several cases is also a mandatory function.

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