Intelligent data services

Intelligent operational services

From metering to billing, Empower can offer operational services that span all the processes of producers, distributors, public and private power companies as well as traders and large companies. Our services are divided into modules so you can customize your own service package according to your needs.

We charge for our services by volume, so they are easily scalable upwards and downwards, should your requirements change. We normally include our own ICT systems, highly attuned to the needs of the energy industry, as an integral part of our services. But if you choose to keep your existing systems, we can also take over the operational responsibility using them.

As a general rule, we can offer a full range of services for the following customer types or needs:

  • For producers
  • For trading
  • For transmission
  • For distributors
  • For industry customers

On the Elspot market of the Nord Pool exchange you trade in physical electricity distribution over the next day. The aim of Empower's electricity procurement planning service is to optimise your power balance in advance, while taking market price fluctuations into account. This way we help you minimize costs and get the best trading outcome.

Operating environment

The Nord Pool Elspot market is the world's largest "day-ahead" market for wholesale electricity trading. Offers for the various products on the market are made following closed auction principles so that information about other offers cannot be seen. In order to succeed as an operator in the market you must have reliable estimates on which to base your procurement of electricity. The closed auction procedure requires a plan which produces an optimal result in every market situation.

Our service

Empower has extensive operating experience of preparing the plans required by market mechanisms on the Nordic energy market. When planning electricity procurement we compile your consumption and production estimates from various sources and then mirror these against market price estimates, resulting in purchases or sales on the Elspot market.

Our service also lets you respond to the current demand and adjust your production as a function of the market price. Electricity procurement planning is usually part of a larger service package and closely linked to balance management and trading services.

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Trading in the energy market requires forecasts of the consumption and production of energy. With Empower's high-quality, up-to-date estimates you can keep operational risks under control and achieve the best possible results in different marketplaces.

Operating environment

In order to succeed as an operator in the energy market, you must have access to the latest information about your future consumption and production of energy. For example, forecasts are used in Nord Pool Elspot and Elbas trading, depending on the timespan. 

You must be able to react to changes in your consumption and production of energy at any time. In addition, any unexpected event in the market or transmission network may require a change in plans in order for you to achieve optimal results. 

Our 24/7 service

Empower has decades of experience when it comes to providing energy forecast services. Our control room is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work around the clock to estimate the consumption of electricity, heat and natural gas for sites both dependent on and independent of the weather. We deliver production estimates for all forms of energy production, taking into account market price estimates and your specific instructions. If required, we can also retrieve initial information directly from your systems.

According to your needs, we produce forecasts in the long term, over the next few days or for the next few hours. At sites measured in real time, the estimates can be adjusted separately, using parameterised corrections according to realised volumes. Our forecast services are usually part of a larger service package and are closely linked with Empower's electricity procurement, balance management and trading services. 

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The volatility of electricity prices is a major risk for energy market operators. At Empower we possess the readiness to carry out balance management services for you when it is necessary, around the clock, optimizing your business outcome of market fluctuations.

Operating environment

As a participant in the electricity market you need to prepare for changes in your power balance. Any unexpected events in the market or transmission network may require balance management measures on your part. The volatility of electricity prices can have significant unforeseeable effects on your costs.

This balance risk can be reduced through the active monitoring of the procurement and consumption/production of electricity, updating forecasts and taking other corrective actions. Closely monitoring and acting upon the development of the power balance as delivery time approaches will reduce risks and secure the best business outcome.

Our 24/7 service

Empower has vast operating experience in the Nordic energy market. Our control room is operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have the readiness to act as your extended arm and carry out balance management services around the clock. 

The balance management service is used to monitor the development of your electricity procurement and consumption, and to update related forecasts. Depending on the site and your specific instructions, forecasts can be updated on the basis of parameterised calculation algorithms or actions taken by the control room operator. If measures lead to trading on different marketplaces our actions are always based on your trading principles.

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The integration of the Nordic electricity markets to one common market is creating more market players and requires changes in order to harmonise rules. Empower's service for balance settlement provides balance responsible parties with a flexible, efficient and smooth solution in a changing market environment.

Balance settlement for the balance responsible party

Balance settlement serves to identify the distribution of electricity between electricity market parties in the energy system. The official balance settlement is conducted after the fact using time series based on scales of either one-hour or 15-minute intervals, depending on specific market rules. Balance settlement is done separately for consumption and production, but can in some cases be combined, depending on market rules.

For you as a balance responsible party, the balance settlement process includes the verification of initial information about your balance and that of other parties within the scope of your open delivery. It also includes the calculation of balances at main grid level. The official results of this balance settlement include the levels of open delivery for consumption portfolios covered by you, as well as the production and consumption of generation portfolios.

Our service

Empower's balance settlement service includes managing your balance settlement obligations. In addition to checking balance details, the service covers fixed-format message communications between different market parties with regard to initial balance settlement information and settlement results. As a result, any open deliveries between balance responsible parties can be identified, on which you can base your internal invoicing.

Typically, the balance settlement service is a part of a larger service package. Other Empower services in this kind of package often include power consumption and production estimates, procurement planning, spot-trading, 24/7 balance management and various reporting and invoicing services.

Balance Settlement of Distribution Grid

Distribution System Operator (DSO) carries an important responsibility for the operation of the electricity market. Metering and balance settlements, for which DSOs are responsible, produce most of the balance settlement and invoicing data used by retailers and balance responsible parties. Good quality and punctual delivery of the data are of utmost importance for the operation of the entire market. Introduction of the NBS model on 1 May 2017 further increased the obligations of DSOs.

Our service fulfills all necessary measures for DSO regarding balance settlement, including data interfaces to eSett and electricity retailers. The balance settlement service for distribution grid can also be scaled for industrial or power plant grids.

Maintenance of one service system introduces cost savings when compared to single systems. Empower maintains the entire system, including data communication interfaces, and implements all the changes required by the market. The balance settlement service is usually a part of a more comprehensive service package for DSOs. The package usually includes at least metering services.

Electricity suppliers in the Nordic market are facing an increasing volume of information and need more efficient ways of verifying correct invoicing and corresponding electricity procurement to customers.

With Empower's service this can be achieved in a quick and flexible way, with changes in market processes implemented by us for all customers at once

Operating environment

Typically, electricity suppliers have customers within several distribution networks. In such an operating environment, the management and verification of customer-specific measurement data are important tasks, along with ensuring that invoicing and electricity procurement are correct.

As a supplier, you need to ensure the predictability and correctness of your energy procurement by monitoring and verifying customer-specific measurement data against the corresponding data allocated to the supplier balance by settlement. Then you can avoid surprises when it comes to balance electricity volumes, as well as cumbersome financial corrections after the fact.

Our service

Empower has extensive operating experience in the Nordic energy market. When you let us handle you balance verification, we receive your customer-specific hourly measurement, if available, data from network companies. We check this data and compare it to balance settlement sums. Your customer information system then receives hourly measurement data for invoicing purposes. 

Our flexible service is implemented either using Empower's own system or a system that you already have in use. Usually the service includes an interface to your customer information system. We support various interface solutions. Typically, this service is a part of a larger service package. Empower services supporting balance verification include electricity consumption estimates, Elspot trading, balance settlement and various reporting services.

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Empower has years of operational experience in the Nord Pool market. We have the readiness to carry out Elspot and Elbas trading for you every day of the year, whether you are a direct member of the market, want to act through a partner of ours or let us trade bilaterally following the same spot principles.

Empower is purely a service provider, never a trading party. We always prepare customer-specific instructions for the practical execution of your trading, taking into consideration your operating environment and objectives. Trading is often part of a larger service package. Empower services supporting trading include power consumption and production estimates, planning of electricity procurement, 24/7 balance management and various reporting and invoicing services.

Trading in the Elspot market

On the Elspot market of the Nord Pool exchange you trade in physical electricity distribution over the next day, in a safe, liquid and transparent marketplace. Empower's streamlined service can handle your Elspot trading every day of the year, in accordance to your instructions and at a minimal cost.

The Nord Pool Elspot market is the world's largest "day-ahead" market for electricity. It is a safe, liquid and transparent marketplace for wholesale electricity trading within the Nordic and Baltic regions. The market price determined at the Elspot market is the general reference price for electricity. For trading, the Elspot market includes fixed 0.1 MWh power delivery, as well as various block and flexible hourly products. Trading in the next day's hourly orders closes every day at 12:00 noon CET. Offers are made following closed auction principles so that information about other offers cannot be seen.

Our service includes the possibility to send Elspot offers to the marketplace in electronic format, minimising the margin of error. In our energy management system, EnerimEMS, trading results are also received in electronic format.

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Trading in the Elbas market

The Elbas market acts as a daily secondary market for the Elspot market. By letting Empower trade for you around the clock on the Elbas market, your power balance can be better controlled, costs minimised and trading outcome optimised.

The Nord Pool Elbas market is a secondary market for Elspot. Because the secondary market is used closer in time to the physically delivered electricity, the actual supply and demand meet more accurately than in Elspot trading, which is based on the previous day's estimates.

For trading, the Elbas market includes the fixed 0.1 MWh power delivery over hours for which the Elspot price has already been set. Trading closes one hour before the hour of delivery. The Elbas market covers the Nordic region plus Germany and the Baltic region. Empower can carry out trading either on assignment or according to certain criteria specified in your instructions (e.g. a limit for a balance deviation or market price). 

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Trading with regulating power

Our service is described throughly in the Energy efficiency - section

The reliable exchange of information between market participants is critical in the energy market. Empower offers information exchange services that include transmission, conversion and archiving of messages. At a reasonable and predictable cost you get a secure, reliable and flexible service which scales to you needs and is based on a suitable interface.

Information exchange in the energy market

For the energy market to function properly, the exchange of information between different market parties and their varying systems must be reliable and swift. There are a number of standard message formats used in the Nordic countries, such as Ediel and Entso-E XML. Data exchange is also executed across various web service interfaces and in real-time using Elcom and IEC 60870-5 practices.

Empower is taking an active part in developing the exchange of information within the energy industry through national and international development programmes, managed by the market stakeholders and authorities. As example the Nordic Balance Settlement, NBS, were Empower can provide a full conversion service for all new messages.

Our service

Empower provides message communication between energy market parties as a service. Our data connections cover all energy market parties operating in the Nordic countries. We support all the necessary standards and interfaces. You get a service which scales to your needs and is based on an interface that suits your infrastructure. Messages are processed in real time, in the correct order, in a redundant, secure and robust system which enables real time monitoring.

The scope and content of your service is entirely up to you. It may consist merely of the transfer of messages, or it may include complicated conversions between various message formats. You can also change what is included in your service over time. Our service supports flexibility in other ways, quickly taking new solutions in the energy market into account. For example, we offer the information exchange services required for developing intelligent power networks for load and production control at application sites.

All transmitted and received messages are archived. With regard to converted messages, both the original and converted messages are archived. We keep a log of all messages you send and receive, letting you monitor when a specific message is sent and whether or not it is sent successfully.

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Invoicing is an important process for all businesses. Invoicing is simple to outsource, as the process is well defined and run on regular, pre-defined frequency. Outsourcing will help Customer to improve their productivity by enabling Customer to steer their experts to focus on core business instead of routine tasks. Our customers are the energy market participants in the Nordic countries in the role of the balance responsible, supplier and distribution system operator.

The Empower Invoicing-service produces sales invoices and self billing invoices send to Subscriber's customers or other parties invoiced by the Subscriber.

The master data (contract information, customer data, payment accounts, product and prices etc.) required for invoice creation are maintained in the IT systems as agreed by either the Subscriber or the Supplier. Invoice specific values like hourly values and financial hedges are obtained through interfaces, as an result of data acquisition and calculation of a second process, or, for example via e-mail send to Supplier by Subscriber.

The basic process of Invoicing service, ie the operation and control of billing, is produced by Empower IM on agreed schedule and during office hours. Empower IM will inform Subscriber in case of deviations.

Invoice distribution to end clients, transport to archive, general ledger, accounting receivables, to end client portal and other possible third party systems will be performed as agreed with Subscriber.


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