Engineering and Expert services

Comprehensive engineering and expert services

We provide comprehensive engineering and expert services as part of our turnkey delivery projects.

In addition, we carry out the pre-design of major investment projects for DSO and TSO companies, and based on the documents we produce, our customers can bid on the actual implementation project and make sure that the bids are compiled according to the principles of sustainable development.

We design power lines, either for renovation sites or for the construction of new transmission and distribution networks. We pay attention to the operation and maintenance needs of the power line in its placement and we help the customer to find the most suitable route for the power line. We take care of customer communication and contact the landowners and make sure that all necessary land-use agreements are in place. The end result will involve tender documents for competitive tendering.

Empower has solid expertise in the special structures of power lines and substations. In our construction plans, we take into account customer-specific needs and ensure that technical requirements, quality and low life-cycle costs are taken into account.

We perform a wide range of electrical design for the needs of our TSO, DSO and renewable energy customers. Whether it involves designing primary or secondary circuits, networking, backup power or anything else - we take care of the electrotechnical design, utilizing the potential of new technology.

Our experienced testers take care of the safety of the substations and we have the ability to produce all the necessary protective cover tests for the substation. We have experience in the protection of various manufacturers and we can guarantee safe results.

For investments in electrical networks, wind parks and solar power plants, we provide expert services to ensure that the project is built according to your needs, minimizing project-specific risks. We will take care of the inspection of the prospectuses and planning documents for you and ensure that the contractors you choose follow the documentation. We will monitor the project at regular intervals and carry out inspections to ensure that the project is completed within the agreed upon timetable, budget and quality level.

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