Energy efficiency

Trading with regulating power

One important way for the system responsible party to maintain the momentary power balance between electricity production and consumption is through the national regulating power market, which in turn comprises part of the Nordic regulating power market.

Empower has a 24/7 readiness to operate in this market on your behalf, with significant financial opportunities.

The regulating power marketplace

The system responsible party in each country maintains a national regulating power market which comprises part of the Nordic regulating power market. The objective is to balance differences between the consumption and production of electricity within a time window of 15 minutes. Trading carried out close to the delivery time balances the national and Nordic consumption and production closely enough so that the situation can be fully balanced through frequency controlled reserves.

What you trade with in the regulating power market is regulating capacity of at least 10 MW, which can execute upward or downward regulating of consumption or production. If required, it must be possible to activate a regulating offer within 15 minutes of the order. All transactions carried out during a specific hour are valued at a single regulating power price, regardless of the price set out in the original offer.

Empower's service 

Empower is one of the rare service providers with a 24/7 readiness to operate in this market on your behalf, provided that you are an electricity market party and have an agreement on regulated capacity with the system responsible party.

Empower is purely a service provider, never a trading party. We always prepare customer-specific instructions for the practical execution of your trading, taking into consideration your operating environment and objectives. Offers regarding regulated capacity can be made on your behalf around the clock, following your set criteria, such as when production plans or consumption estimates reach a specific level. Trading in the regulating power market is often part of a larger service package. Empower's services supporting regulating power trading include the Elspot and Elbas trading services, balance management and settlement services, information exchange services and various reporting services.