EmSight for production improvement

EmSight, based on industrial internet, i.e. IoT, is intended for wider and deeper analysis of reasons for failures in the production process or phases of production, and for improvement of performance. It improves the quality, helps in the resolution of problems, makes processes more efficient, and improves the functioning of equipment.

Why EmSight?

Proactive EmSight combines production and maintenance expertise with mathematical analysis. Predictive analytics is used to identify fault situations in production and to improve the efficiency of production processes.

With EmSight, it is possible to analyse both historical and real-time data. The analysis offers additional information regarding deviations on production lines, or on parts thereof that experience continual errors or problems. The product resolves problems without any prior assumptions, which helps in the isolating of the root cause of any production problem. As a complement to the product, Empower offers analytics interpretation.

Big data helps prevent production problems

Empower delivered the EmSight analytics service to Stora Enso’s Anjala paper mill in autumn 2017. The goal of the service is to tackle potential production problems proactively and to facilitate the process operators’ work and the mill’s production efficiency.

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