EmSight Lite

EmSight Lite remote monitoring and data analytics product for the prediction of machinery failure

EmSight Lite functions on an easy-to-install base, and with sensors that collect information in order to prevent faults in operation.

EmSight Lite collects data analytics on agreed targets. The sensors installed in the production machinery measure such things as vibration, movement, and the conditions of production (moisture, air pressure, temperature, etc.). The sensors can be integrated with production automation systems.

Measurement results can be monitored almost in real time using mobile devices, and data analytics regarding chosen points can be analysed. This makes it possible to detect areas in need of improvement, and to carry out corrective procedures. With EmSight, it is also possible to track the effects of corrective procedures that have been done.

Empower’s control room, which functions around the clock, increases the comprehensiveness of the service when needed.

Why Emsight Lite?

EmSight Lite enables the monitoring of various parameters in unmanned or faraway locations.

Customers are able to avoid unnecessary maintenance visits, spare part changes or, at worst, machinery that fails or breaks and thereby stops all of production.

Tracking measurement results is simple and easy with a mobile app.

Today, a decision – tomorrow, installed

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