Enerim IXS

Reliable exchange of information between energy market participants

Empower offers information exchange services that include transmission, conversion and archiving of messages. At a reasonable and predictable cost you get a secure, reliable and flexible service which scales to you needs and is based on a suitable interface.

Why choose EnerimIXS?

With EnerimIXS information exchange service you achieve security and reliability 24/7. You also get flexibility in a changing market, as the scope and content of your service can be tailored and re-tailored according to your current needs. The robust messaging solution guarantees functionality, which can be monitored in real time.

Your costs become predictable and you benefit from sharing critical resources with our entire customer base. You manage change better since development of new functionality is included in the service, at predictable cost levels. We also let you reap the benefits of centralized information exchange solutions, such as centralised management of intelligent power network solutions.


Information exchange in the energy market

For the energy market to function properly, the exchange of information between different market parties and their varying systems must be reliable and swift. There are a number of standard message formats used in the Nordic countries, such as Ediel and Entso-E XML. Data exchange is also executed across various web service interfaces and in real-time using Elcom and IEC 60870-5 practices.

Empower is taking an active part in developing the exchange of information within the energy industry through national and international development programmes, managed by the market stakeholders and authorities. As example the Nordic Balance Settlement, NBS, were Empower can provide a full conversion service for all new messages.

Our service

Empower provides message communication between energy market parties as a service. Our data connections cover all energy market parties operating in the Nordic countries. We support all the necessary standards and interfaces. You get a service which scales to your needs and is based on an interface that suits your infrastructure. Messages are processed in real time, in the correct order, in a redundant, secure and robust system which enables real time monitoring.

The scope and content of your service is entirely up to you. It may consist merely of the transfer of messages, or it may include complicated conversions between various message formats. You can also change what is included in your service over time. Our service supports flexibility in other ways, quickly taking new solutions in the energy market into account. For example, we offer the information exchange services required for developing intelligent power networks for load and production control at application sites.

All transmitted and received messages are archived. With regard to converted messages, both the original and converted messages are archived. We keep a log of all messages you send and receive, letting you monitor when a specific message is sent and whether or not it is sent successfully.

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