The key to manage energy market processes efficiently

When devoping the EnerimEMS system we designed it specifically to help energy companies manage their energy market processes more efficiently. Enerim EMS lets you get the most out of your daily operational processes in an environment characterised by change.

Why choose EnerimEMS?

The system is designed specifically for energy companies and lets you utilise energy markets more efficiently.

The dynamic model lets you manage change and keep your specific applications under control.

It is quick to set up up and easy to scale according to your changing needs.


Ease of implementation

With EnerimEMS you avoid any complicated im-plementation phase. All functions are used through a web browser and no software needs to be installed separately. The system is easy and flexible to use in terms of both maintenance and daily functions.

High security

In our system, each function's level of information security is very high. As a users you can only use and view the information for which you have the appropriate access rights. The system also includes comprehensive log functions fo monitoring an analysing information security. The non-discrimination requirement in effect within the Nordic energy industry is fulfilled.

Flexible integration

The EnerimEMS software architecture supports running several separate systems within a single physical hardware and database set. A variety of message traffic can easily be connected to other systems. A general and parameterised data mod-el for the energy market is included, as well as general applications for maintenance, calculation, reporting and monitoring integrated into the data model and basic system. You can also expand on these general energy market applications using your own specific applications.

Support for several time zones

The system supports real-time functions and can run simultaneously in several time zones. You can also transfer data between different time zones.

Operational processes

EnerimEMS is a tool for efficiently executing your energy market operational processes, such as:

  • Management of measurement data
    • Momentary and hourly measurements
  • Consumption and production estimates
  • Balance management 24/7 (electricity and natural gas)
    • Consumption and production estimates
    • Balance planning
  • Trading, Elspot, Elbas and secondary market trading in natural gas
  • Balance settlement of the balance responsible party
  • Balance settlement for natural gas
  • Energy invoicing and reporting
    • Sales and distribution invoicing
    • Customer invoicing
  • Customer-specific applications
  • Management of emission balances

You can manage the processes independently or utilise our expert and experienced personnel.

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