Comprehensive tool for measurement data

When developing the EnerimEDM energy data management system we designed it specifically to help energy companies manage operational processes related to sales, distribution, district heating, and water and gas operations more efficiently. Through a high level of automation EnerimEDM allows you to better meet the challenges of storing, editing and transmitting measurement data.


Why choose EnerimEDM?

The system is designed specifically for energy companies, with great performance for large data vol-umes.

Thanks to a high level of automation you increase efficiency by eliminating manual tasks.

Offers seamless integration with the energy company's value chain.


Ease of implementation

With EnerimEDM you avoid any complicated im-plementation phase. All functions are used through a SmartClient user interface or a web browser and no softare needs to be installed separately. Meeting the requirements set by the electricity market, the system's automated processes make users' everyday work easier.

High security

Our system's level of information security is very high. As a user, you can only use and view the information for which you have the appropriate access rights. The non-discrimination requirement in effect within the Nordic energy industry is also fulfilled by EnerimEDM.

Flexible integration

With EnerimEDM you get maximum flexibility. The system architecture enables smooth integration of third-party systems with it to the extent that meets your needs. EnerimEDM offers interfaces to sys-tem data and support for external integration plat-forms. Our system is integrated into general remote reading and customer information systems, which simplifies integration with any systems already in place.

Management of measurement data

The arrival of automatic meter reading (AMR) has multiplied the volume of measurement data to handle for energy companies. The EnerimEDM measurement database offers efficient tools for keeping these large data volumes and connection interfaces under control – and allowing you to utilise them properly.

Wide support

EnerimEDM supports all types of measurement data, independent of business field – electricity, district heating, water or gas. The system can be used in multi-company environments, service environments and within integration platforms. It is also ready for future business changes, such as NBS and HUB requirements.

EnerimEDM contains:

  • Information about locations of use.
  • Meter connections at locations of use.
  • Receipt, validation and transmission of meas-urement data.
  • Dynamic group-based sum calculation.
  • Formula-based calculations defined by the user.
  • Rate information.
  • Message traffic.
  • Distribution network balance settlement.
  • Forecast calculation.
  • Reporting database.
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