Flexible and modular tool for all energy company functions

When developing the EnerimCIS system we designed it specifically to help energy companies manage their customer information and invoicing. EnerimCIS is a comprehensive offer, including all energy company functions, such as the sale and distribution of electricity, district heating and water.


Why choose EnerimCIS?

The system is designed specifically for energy companies, with a high level of automation.

Excellent invoicing performance, combined with a real-time operating model focused on processes, improves efficiency and speeds up your cash flow, providing the tools to develop your operations.

Flexible modular system lets your business needs decide which modules are activated.


Ease of implementation

With EnerimCIS you avoid any complicated implementation phase. All functions are used through a web browser and no software needs to be installed separately. As a user, you simply select the appropriate language for the user interface and set your own default values according to your needs. Furthermore, the user interfaces are based on processes, which makes you more efficient and the system quicker to learn.

High security

Our system's level of information security is very high. As a user, you can only use and view the information for which you have the appropriate access rights. The system also includes comprehensive log functions for monitoring and analysing information security. The non-discrimination requirement in effect within the Nordic energy market is fulfilled.

Flexible integration

With EnerimCIS you get maximum flexibility to tailor a solution to your specific business needs. Based on the modular SOA architecture, our system pays special attention to integration between different modules and with third-party systems, providing comprehensive interfaces to system data and processes, and support for external integration platforms. You can also expand the system using your own specific applications.

Cost-efficiency and performance

EnerimCIS has a high level of automation which drastically reduces the number of manual tasks needed. Our system's highly automated functions, including data exchange within the energy market and invoicing, helps you manage your customer information in a more cost-efficient way. The automatic real-time invoicing processes give you excellent invoicing performance, minimising delays and speeding up your cash flow.

Operational processes

The comprehensive EnerimCIS customer information system covers processes such as:

  • Customer management
  • Product management
  • Agreement management
  • Consumption location management
  • Connection management
  • Work processes
  • Work queues
  • Invoicing
  • Management and collection of receivables
  • Reporting
  • Archiving
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