We are building high-quality data network

Empower builds the data connections required by a modern society. We provide turnkey solutions to all locations in Finland.

Each year, Empower's 100 project management professionals carry out around 6,000 mobile and fixed network construction projects of varying sizes in a responsible and quality-conscious way. Design and documentation services are part of our construction service range.

In addition, Empower's construction services include telematics related construction work, such as the installation of monitoring system devices and cabling required by the system.

Mobile network construction services

We help our customers to extend and improve mobile networks all over Finland. Yearly, we install around 1,000 mobile network base stations. Base station projects can be executed as turnkey deliveries and they include planning, licensing, mast and hardware construction, fiber construction to the base station and project documentation.

Fixed fiber optic network construction services

In fixed fiber optic network construction, we offer our customers modern techniques that reduces harmful effects of construction work on the environment and residents. Such a method we use is for example micro-trenching, which is used to build fiber optic networks especially in residential areas. Micro-trenching in telecom network construction is considerably faster and causes less disturbance to residents than conventional methods. 

Our service range includes also backbone hardware construction. Our professionals implement the backbone hardware construction projects from design to final documentation with high quality. We offer both new construction and demanding network modernization work.

Fiber-optic network with micro-trenching technology

​​​​Empower built Open Fiber fiber-optic connections for Telia in the Länsi-Pakila district of Helsinki. In this project, Empower and Telia piloted the micro-trenching method, which is faster and more environmentally friendly than the traditional excavation method and also causes less disturbance in the site’s surroundings.

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