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Empower Code of Conduct - Compliance policy

Empower's mission, as defined in Empower's Management Policy, is to pursue profitable service business by helping clients to change their business to better with Empower's services. In order to promote this mission Empower has committed to maintain the highest legal and ethical standards in all of its business practices. These include responsibilities towards our employees, business partners, other stakeholders and society in general.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to define the common set of principles, which all of us at Empower and our suppliers must adhere to in our everyday operations. In other words, the Code of Conduct defines the way we work – together, with customers, suppliers and others. Empower has defined three areas within sustainability and our continuous work as a responsible company. These areas are:

Empower takes an active approach to the application of this Code of Conduct and promotes its implementation through the effective communication of its contents to its employees. Empower also monitors the application of this Code of Conduct internally.

Every employee and consultant working for Empower, irrespective of his/her tasks or position, must comply with this Code of Conduct at all times and the underlying policies and instructions given by the management from time to time. All underlying policies and instructions have to be in compliance with this Code of Conduct.

Suppliers and business partners are an important and integral part of the total value chain for Empower. Through the given information, they are expected to conduct their businesses in compliance with the same high legal and ethical standards and business practices as Empower. Empower promotes the application of this Code of Conduct by monitoring the actions of its suppliers and business partners. Furthermore, Empower is committed to comply with the legal, ethical and HSE guidelines issued by its Clients.

Empower group´s Code of Conduct