Komplett teknikstack för industrin

We have all the assets needed

Our in-house experts enhanced with our trusted partner network master every layer of the technology stack and the development work is guided with agile methods. Our technology center is located in Oulu, Finland and employs some 50 persons.

Sensor technologies is the foundation for many IoT services and products. It’s vital that you have access to the right technology considering e.g data quality, deployability, operational environment, cost, lifetime, batteries etc. Empower has own inhouse sensor technology and IPR for a variety of industrial use cases. Additionally we use technology from partners for specific solutions 

Connectivity Layer
There is no IoT nor Industry 4.0 without connectivity technology. Key aspects are reliability, security, use case specific choice of radio tech, power aspects, cost.
Empower uses a broad range of different technologies in order to have optimum technologies available for product development and our customers needs. Examples: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), LoRA, Wi-Fi, 3GPP based radio

Integration Layer
The integration layer can today be defined as ”core” for anyone developing digital services and products. It’s a fact that as a system provide you need to support a high number of various intrefaces and data translations in order to be successful.
Empower has two strong Integration engines that are very flexible and easily adaptable to varying needs.

Enabling Technologies
The Enabling Technologies layer is where magic starts. Number crunching, data handling and refinement is done here.
Empower has secured this by acquiring SW and tools as well as evolving and hiring expertise securing a steady growth path and evolution

Application Layer
The Application layer is the where the application specific business logic is implemented and the major part of the value is created. Empower application development uses both mainstream technologies (e.g Android) as well as new device agnostic techs. The application layer is defined as ”core” for Empower.

Presentation Layer
The different ways an end-user, human or other systems, is interacting with the service are implemented in the presented layer.
Empower will enable multiple access and handling interfaces for customers as well as partners

Eco Systems
The community of other systems the services are interacting with and become a part of. Empower processing engines can be integrated with other system vendors using Empower or standard technologies in the market.