Empowers digitala värld

Forerunner with acknowledged domain expertise

Empower´s digital development heritage and expertise goes back 20 years. Especially in the domain of energy market specific services and products the Empower digital legacy has been market leading for a long time. This legacy (R&D) combined with all other Empower industry domain expertise sets us in a forerunner seat in the current Digitalisation and IoT focused race for innovative new solutions realizing the Global Digital Transformation.

Empowers approach to the Digital Transformation is to explore and evolve our inhouse assets together with our core-partners. Utilizing our employees deep domain knowledge we create in close collaboration with our customers new products and services that always fulfill a customer need and create value.

The somewhat unfortunate hype and buzz around IoT and Digitalisation has to some extent clouded the horizon what comes to the true challenges and also opportunities in the industrial (agnostic) digital transformation. E.g Digital Twins is no automatic cash machine. On the other hand, solving the puzzle of multiple uncompatible digital systems in an e.g factory could generate huge upsides for the factory owner.

However, regardless of the technology and business hypediscussions, sensor, device, connectivity, cloud and analytics based solutions has now matured and thus the Industry 4.0 vision can finally be realized costeffectively and reliably. If these solutions are specified and implemented smartly they are by default also possible to deploy globally.


Evolve and grow Empower own Technology and IPR generating increased value to our customers and thus Empower through new services and products.


Combining industry specific state of the art technology with Empowers vast domain knowledge in several industry verticals.