Etelä-Suomen Energia Oy, Keravan Energia Oy and Porvoon Sähköverkko Oy to extend their AMM service agreements with Empower IM Oy

mån 12 jan 2015 11:17:37

Etelä-Suomen Energia Oy, Keravan Energia Oy and Porvoon Sähköverkko Oy have extended their AMM (AMM=Automatic Meter Management) service agreements with Empower IM Oy. The extensions mainly cover the delivery of remote reading and balance settlement services for electricity and district heating, as well as measurement database systems. The total value of the multi-year agreements is several millions of euros.

“We are extremely pleased that our Finnish customers show trust towards us by extending their service agreements by a number of years. Finland is a forerunner in Nordic electricity trading where Empower IM has extensive experience in developing services for the needs of the changing energy market. Among other things, we have carried out long-term development work in order to update our customers' data systems during 2015 so that they are able to respond to the challenges presented by the unifying Nordic electricity market (Nordic Balance Settlement). Our objective is to expand our service range to Sweden and Norway where the transition phase is still ahead,” says Mika Yletyinen, CEO of Empower IM Oy.

Further information:

Mika Yletyinen, CEO, Empower IM Oy
Tel: +358 400 452 870

Empower IM Oy

Empower IM (Information Management) Oy provides energy companies with data systems and service solutions that improve the efficiency of customers' energy operations and support them in utilising the opportunities offered by changing energy markets. Empower IM operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Baltic Countries, and employs 150 people.

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Empower IM Oy is part of the Empower Group. Empower is a multinational service company which helps keep the wheels of society running and improves the competitiveness of customers. Empower Group builds, installs, maintains and repairs electricity and telecom networks, maintains power plants and factories and delivers ICT solutions and information management services. Empower provides services in more than a hundred locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Turnover in 2013 was €325 million, and the company has more than 2,900 employees.