Empower's EmSightSDM service supports the quality assurance of Teampac's production

ons 27 jun 2018 09:50:00

Teampac is a contract manufacturer of cosmetics, sanitary products and healthcare solutions, whose production facilities in Liljendal cater internationally renowned brand houses. The production facility's conditions must meet strict requirements in order to comply with the quality standards for production and to assure that the finished product is indeed worth the different certificates. Teampac is, for example, in Finland the only manufacturer of wet wipes, and also manufactures wet wipes classified as medical devices.

– Many of our customers are well-known brand houses with whom we have a long-lasting partnership. Our competitive advantage is the high-quality and efficient production without which the success cannot be achieved in our markets, says Jesse Arjaluoto, Quality Manager of Teampac.

To support quality assurance and control, Teampac has used EmSightSDM-service for measuring and optimizing production facilities. EmSightSDM provides information on prevailing production conditions, such as the temperature of combustible liquids or laboratory heaters with real-time wireless sensors.

– We need a reliable and real-time view so that we can ensure efficient production by standardizing production conditions and, if necessary, react to their change. Empower's sensor technology has proven to be a reliable modern method, which also ensures that the production of critical products is at optimum level, Arjaluoto concludes.