Empower’s EBITDA 2016 grew by EUR 1,5 million despite slight decrease in revenue

tis 2 maj 2017 11:46:00

Empower Group’s EBITDA stood at EUR 17.2 million (15.7) in 2016. The EBITDA improved in telecom and information management sectors. Empower Group’s EBITDA margin was 7.1% (6.1). The profitability of telecom, industry and information management sectors improved from the previous year. In the power network sector the EBITDA margin was at good 5.7% level.

In 2016, Empower Group’s turnover was EUR 243.1 million (259.2). The information management sector grew significantly from the previous year. Changes in the contract portfolio are reflected in the decreased revenue but increased EBITDA margins of both telecom and industry sectors.

Since 2016, Empower has prepared the financial statements in accordance with IFRS standards. 

Empower withdrew from most of the operations in Sweden and Latvia as well as from certain power distribution projects in 2016. Empower will continue to grow in maintenance and construction activities in the power distribution sectors.