Empower to supply pilot solution for traffic monitoring and analysis to Finnish Transport Agency

ons 13 jan 2016 12:48:52

Empower will supply a solution for traffic monitoring and analysis to the Finnish Transport Agency. The new service will be tested at the Nuijamaa border station.

Empower is building a smart society through its new Telematic Service concepts.

“Our extensive experience puts us in an excellent position to design and build smart digital solutions for traffic monitoring, among other things. This project carried out for the Finnish Transport Agency is a significant step for Empower in the delivery of digital telematic solutions”, says Vesa Ylönen, Business and Development Manager from Empower's Telematic Services.

“The Finnish Transport Agency is implementing the digitisation programme, one of the Finnish Government's spearhead projects, by piloting and adopting flexible and effective traffic monitoring and analysis solutions. Through the smart identification of vehicles, we aim to improve the efficiency of traffic monitoring and, for example, streamline functions at border stations”, says Inspector Erkki Pakarinen from the Finnish Transport Agency.

The pilot will test camera analytics technology in traffic monitoring and automated calculation. The project will take place at the Nuijamaa border station and the estimated duration is about a year. The pilot is part of Empower's new service concept for Telematic Solutions.

Further information:

Vesa Ylönen, Business and Development Manager, Telematic Solutions, Empower TN Oy, tel. +358 40 867 3442, vesa.ylonen@empower.fi

Erkki Pakarinen, Inspector, Finnish Transport Agency, tel. +358 29 534 3668 , erkki.pakarinen@liikennevirasto.fi