Empower to deliver construction project of largest power line in Fingrid's history

fre 11 apr 2014 14:57:00

Press release 10 April 2014

On 1 April 2014, Empower and Fingrid signed a very significant agreement on the construction of a 400 kV power line. The total value of the power line contract without any options is about €20 million.

The power line project is related to Fingrid's ongoing extensive investment programme related to Ostrobothnia's power transmission network. In the project, the obsolete 220 kV network, mainly built in the 1970s and with an insufficient transmission capacity, will be fully replaced with a new network. By 2017, the following will all be completed in Ostrobothnia: a 400 kV ring network from Pori to Oulu, five new substations, and 350 km of 400 kV power lines.

Empower will implement the network's first segment between Hirvisuo (Kokkola) and Kalajoki.  The total length of the cable is 79.5 km, of which 39.5 km is a 400/110kV joint structure. The project also includes major 220 kV grid arrangements.

"The project will establish the preconditions for connecting new wind power and nuclear power to the network and will create a very long-term network solution", says Fingrid's deputy managing director Kari Kuusela.

The project covers the construction of the new power line and the dismantling of the old one. The construction will commence immediately and the cable will be completed by 20 October 2016.

"This €20 million scheme is a very significant project for Empower's Finnish and Estonian units. The project will have a major job impact and will further strengthen the market position of Empower in Finland. Signing the contract demonstrates the fact that it is highly useful to utilise competences across the borders of countries", says Timo Kiiveri, president of Empower's Power Network Division.

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Contact person at Empower:

Timo Kiiveri, President of Power Network Division
timo.kiiveri[at]empower.fi, tel. +358 40 543 3039