Empower to cooperate with Visuon in developing 360°VR technology based digital solutions

tor 10 okt 2019 12:45:00

Empower and a 360° visual tool provider Visuon have commenced a cooperation in which the smart industrial maintenance and management analytics service provider Empower will utilize Visuon’s 360°VR technology based CMS in its Em360° facility modelling and remote site management solution in Finland.

– For us Visuon provides a revolutionary and exceptional platform to visualize the technical premises and thus enables the easy and fast development of our Em360° product, which is a fundamental element of Empower’s digital solutions. We aim to develop more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of working. Em360° delivers all this as it saves money, enables easier planning and improves the life cycle management of the facilities, explains Kimmo Saarela, IoT Solutions and Digital Applications Director at Empower.

With Visuon’s platform Em360° adds an optimal experience for all users without the need of additional VR headsets or unsafe spyware plug-ins. An additional benefit is the intuitive user interface which secures that the updating of the site information is effortless and thus can be done with existing mobile devices in the field. Empower digital solutions incorporating Em360° are used e.g. by customers in telecommunication and energy sectors. Customer benefits include cost savings through reduced travelling, more efficient site planning activities as well as availability of up-to-date documentation.

– We are happy to become a trusted partner in Empower’s ecosystem consisting of the top players in various technologies. With Visuon platform’s effective workflow Empower Em360° can aid in solving on-site problems quickly and cost-effectively from a remote location, concludes Jarmo Tanskanen, CEO and Founder at Visuon.