Empower supports Koodikerho's work

ons 20 feb 2019 15:30:00

Empower celebrates its 20th anniversary with staff-selected donations. One of the most important donation targets for personnel is the nationwide Koodikerho – The Code Club which promotes children's programming skills in Finland. In 2019, around 60 children will participate in Koodikerho, thanks to Empower.

- We feel that this is an investment for the future and also a contribution to cleaner technology. When developed in the right direction, the idea supports interesting hobby opportunities and can give direction to study and work life in the future, says Jari Onniselkä, CEO of the Empower Group.

- There is a growing need for programming and computer literacy in the information society. We believe that children should have a good knowledge of reading and writing as well as coding skills. Our operations are based on local communities, so therefore Empower's support is needed for the production of training materials and tools, says Linda Lehto from Koodikerho.

Join us in supporting the development of technology expertise in Finland!

Read more: https://koodikerho.fi/in-english/