Empower signs a new service contract on the district heating and cooling network metering services with Fortum

tis 10 sep 2019 09:24:00

Empower and Fortum have signed an agreement on the maintenance of district heating and cooling network metering as well as the installation of meters in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The five year agreement is a significant extension to Empower's existing services and builds on the expertise that Smart Industry business has in similar customers in the area. The new service will be launched in September 2019.

Empower is committed to developing Fortum's metering operations, improving the quality of metering accuracy and effectively targeting preventive maintenance. In particular, Fortum values Empower’s high level of occupational safety and high quality operating processes.

– Empower has extensive expertise in energy metering services and they meet the criteria we expect from our partner. We look forward to working with Empower’s professionals, says Antti Hölsä, Technical Manager at Fortum.