Empower provides Vatajankosken Sähkö with a remote reading and metering data management service for electricity

tis 12 nov 2019 10:45:00

Empower and Vatajankosken Sähkö have concluded the agreement concerning introduction project of metering services and a multi-year production of these services. With the agreement Empower will handle Vatajankosken Sähkö´s 18 000 customers’ energy data and its’ quality by providing services encompassing remotely reading of the electricity meters, validation of metering data and its’ forwarding to market parties.

Simultaneously readiness for a data hub will also be built and preparations for future changes in the energy industry will be made. Empower will entrain Vatajankosken Sähkö to the datahub era with Empower developed EnerimEDM system and will be responsible for the delivery of the validated measurement data to the datahub at the same time securing also the accuracy of the balance management.

Empower has previously delivered similar service provider change projects and positive customer experiences from those played a part in Vatajankosken Sähkö’s provider selection process.

– Empower’s comprehensive references and the impression which we got about their high-quality expert services convinced us. We look forward the future cooperation and expect a lot from it, comments Aki Ojala, responsible of energy measuremets at Vatajankosken Sähkö.

With this new agreement Empower remote reading covers more than 600 000 metering points and the metering data management and balance settlement service more than 800 000 metering points.

– It is a joy to start the partnership with Vatajankosken Sähkö, our new customer, comments Mika Yletyinen, President Empower Energy Intelligence –business. I am especially proud of our metering services team which has tuned our service concept in a form where we can deliver customer experiences exceeding expectations. The indication of this is our satisfied customers some of which have enjoyed our services already more than ten years and with pleasure I wish Vatajankosken Sähkö along to this group.