Empower provides technical advice in the privatisation project of the Nigerian energy sector

ons 11 sep 2013 09:32:00

Empower has signed a seven-year agreement on technical consulting services with the largest bank of Nigeria. The agreement is related to the privatisation scheme of the Nigerian energy sector.

The goal is to obtain foreign capital for the Nigerian energy sector because the country's increasing energy needs will require major investments in the future. Empower, a provider of Finnish technical know-how, won the intense international competition for the role of technical advisor, as the partner of FBN Holdings Plc, a financier bank participating in the scheme.

The assignment won by Empower is the company's first step in the global market. Empower has extensive previous experience in similar assignments in Finland. Empower's core business consists of technical know-how and services. Empower is known in the Nordic and Baltic countries as a telecom network, electrical network and industrial maintenance and construction company.

"Our core functions need to be supported by advanced technical know-how which can also be sold well internationally," says Juhani Vanhala, Business Director.

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