Empower provides Savon Voima with a remote reading and metering data management service for electricity and district heating meters

tis 21 aug 2018 09:30:00

Savon Voima has selected Empower as the provider of its metering services. Empower will remotely read the Savon Voima Group’s electricity and district heating meters, validate metering data and forward it to market parties. The services will be launched by March 2019. Before this, the Savon Voima Group will upgrade its metering data management infrastructure by transferring all of its 120,000 electricity and district heating metering points onto Empower’s EnerimSMP platform. During the project, readiness for a data hub will also be built and preparations for future changes in the energy industry, such as requirements set by the 15-minute balance period, will be made. The five-year service agreement includes a two-year option until 2026. IS-hankinta Oy carried out the bidding process and prepared the agreement.

- Our goal is to streamline our metering data management process and use the high level of automation in data systems developed by Empower to improve the quality of our processes. I believe this provides our customers with significant benefits through improved efficiency and ensures that we can offer reliable energy services and up-to-date information about energy consumption. I am confidently awaiting our cooperation and partnership with Empower, says Matti Ryhänen, managing director of Savon Voima Verkko Oy.

- For IS Hankinta, Savon Voima's metering service bidding has been one of the most significant energy industry bidding projects. The competition process and the contract negotiations were smooth and straightforward, showing both the experience and the profound knowledge of both Savon Voima and Empower's experts. Our co-operation with Empower continues now with contract management, says Timo Hämäläinen, IS-Hankinta Oy's category manager.

Metering data will be collected on the EnerimSMP platform. It is a flexible and modern integration platform developed by Empower between different meter reading systems and the metering data management system. The EnerimSMP platform also includes an equipment management function, which is important considering network asset management, in which data about the history and location of each metering device is saved.

- Currently, our metering service covers about half a million locations. Through this agreement, our service will grow by more than 20 per cent, strengthening our position as a provider of metering services. This is a solid indication of Empower’s expertise in service production and the energy industry, as well as the ability of our data systems to help our customers to succeed in what they do, says Mika Yletyinen, director of Energy Intelligence at Empower.