Empower Oy's industrial service business in Northern Finland transferred to Normaint Oy

tis 19 nov 2013 08:23:00

Normaint Oy, based in Kajaani, is buying Empower Oy's industrial services in Northern Finland and electricity network construction services in Kajaani. The entire staff will transfer to Normaint Oy as existing employees.

Negotiations on the divestment of the industrial service business in Northern Finland commenced in the autumn. As part of the acquisition, all 39 employees in the Kajaani and Raahe units will transfer to the new company as existing employees as of 18 November 2013. The Kajaani-based Normaint Oy has been established by the operative management of the Northern Finland units of Empower's current Industry Division.

"This corporate acquisition was a positive solution for us. The acquisition supports the strategy of Empower's Industry Division, which aims for maintenance based on long-term contracts. From now on, Empower and Normaint will also cooperate outside the Kainuu region," says Eero Auranne, CEO of Empower.

Pauli Harila, head of the Northern Finland unit of Empower's Industry Division, is the main partner of the company, and the CEO of the new company.

"During the negotiations, we reviewed operational development solutions in Kajaani and continuing the operations in the new company. Based on the reviews made and negotiations implemented with the staff, we decided to establish the company and to secure the jobs. The transferring staff are very skilled and professional. We will further develop the business and are confident that our operations will grow and expand," says Pauli Harila, CEO of Normaint.

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Further information:

Eero Auranne, CEO, Empower, tel. +358 44 425 2200
Pauli Harila, CEO, Normaint, tel. +358 50 598 8064