Empower main contractor and project manager for TuuliWatti Oy's wind power project in Salo

mån 7 okt 2013 09:28:00

On 3 Oct. 2013, Empower signed a contract valued at approximately EUR 1.1 million with wind power company TuuliWatti Oy for the main contracting and project management as TuuliWatti constructs three five megawatt Gamesa wind power plants in Mäyränummi, Salo.

The plants to be built in Salo are Finland's first five megawatt wind power plants and their combined annual output corresponds to the electricity consumption of approximately 16,500 flats. Each tower will be 140 metres high and at the extreme position of the blade the height is 205 metres The aim is to take the plants into use in autumn next year.

The contract will consolidate Empower's position as the leader of wind power plant service markets in Finland.

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Juha Silvola