Empower joins ITEA Board

tor 16 maj 2019 12:06:25

ITEA Board has unanimously welcomed Empower as a new member. On 14th May, Jan Segerstam, Development Director at Empower Energy Intelligence business and Zeynep Sarilar, ITEA Chairwoman, officially signed the Deed of Accession during the EUREKA Global Innovation Summit in Manchester. ITEA is a transnational and industry-driven Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) programme in the domain of software innovation. It is the home of software innovation, enabling an international and knowledgeable community consisting of over 40 nationalities to collaborate in projects that turn innovative ideas into new businesses, jobs, economic growth and benefits for society. To strengthen the ITEA Programme Empower’s Jan Segerstam who has been an active member and contributed in Finland’s energy cluster was nominated to act as member of the ITEA board.

At the moment, Empower is involved in two ITEA 3 Call 5 projects, which have just been labelled. Previously they were involved in the M2MGrids and the SEAS project, the latter being the recipient of an ITEA Award of Excellence for Innovation and Business impact. Within the SEAS project, Empower has incorporated dynamic microgrid strategies into its future roadmap and has enabled interaction of flexible energy resources with the Enerim EMS solution. The Enerim CIS solution that builds on SEAS knowledge in connectivity, is gaining ground as the premier new energy customer information management and billing solution. Currently, it is being deployed in upcoming datahub enabled retail markets in Finland and it is expected to manage over 45% of the national distribution metering points in the coming years.

- Innovation is not about finding the best ideas needed for society but about designing and developing a new service or product that will have a direct impact in the market to the benefit of companies and people. Empower has a proven track record of success in implementing innovative solutions through ITEA projects. Additionally, Empower is closely connected to the Innovative networks of Finland that will certainly enrich the ITEA innovation Community. I am very enthusiastic for future that will be developed by an ITEA Community enriched not only by Empower but also its networks, ITEA Chairwoman Zeynep Sarılar highlights.

- For us ITEA has proven to be a unique community that enables cross-domain and cross-national collaboration in open innovation with significant industry impact. Growing from industry needs and challenging innovators while supporting collaborative efforts, ITEA has brought us new insight into digital opportunities that come about when domain competences meet. To achieve global excellence Europe needs the kind of collaboration fostered by ITEA and stemming from true industrial drive. We are excited to be able to contribute to the community with our long-standing expertise in digitally driven services and digital knowledge in enabling energy market processes and platforms. We are excited to contribute and embark on a new journey with ITEA by becoming a new member in the community that has already been sparring us in projects realized together, Jan Segerstam - Development Director of Empower concludes.