Empower is one of the main contractors building Lehtirova wind farm for OX2 in northern Sweden

ons 15 mar 2017 14:08:05

Empower PN Oy, part of Empower Group, is one of the main contractors building Lehtirova wind farm for OX2 in northern Sweden. The agreement covers the road lines, crane hardstands, foundation bottom structures and foundations required for 41 wind turbines in the Lehtirova wind farm in Gällivare and Pajala. Empower PN Oy is responsible for the design and construction, including the delivery of materials.

– We needed an experienced and skilled partner for our significant wind farm project in northern Sweden. As a result, we selected Empower, with which we have worked successfully in similar projects in Finland, says Björn Olofsson, Construction Project Manager at OX2.

– The Lehtirova project is a significant strategic step for Empower in the Swedish market and expands cooperation between OX2 and Empower in wind power construction, says Timo Kiiveri, President of Empower PN Oy.

Civil work is already in progress, and the project will be completed at the end of 2018.

OX2 develops, builds, finances and manages renewable energy production plants in the Nordic countries. Empower is also one of the main contractors at OX2 wind farms in Jouttikallio, Lapua, which was completed in 2016, and in Ajos, Kemi, which will be completed later this year.

Empower PN Oy is the leading provider of wind power services in Finland. The Group's services cover the entire life span of wind farms, from the development to construction and maintenance, as well as 24/7 operation and monitoring services.

Further information:

Jaakko Ala-Reinikka, Program Manager, Empower PN Oy, tel. +358 44 4252 807, jaakko.ala-reinikka@empower.fi