Empower is an attractive and respected employer among engineering students

ons 22 jun 2016 14:33:00

Empower's objective is to be the most attractive employer in its field. Through an extensive employer survey, it was identified how widely Empower is known, and what expectations Empower raises among students as an employer. The results show that Empower is a desirable employer.

International research company Universum conducts an annual employer barometer where thousands of university students from around the world describe their career and employer expectations. Empower took part in the Universum survey in Finland and Sweden.

Nearly ten thousand students of the field evaluated Empower's attractiveness as an employer. The survey examined the image of the participating companies, the qualities student associate with these companies and, for example, the students' willingness to work in them.

– This is a good result but, of course, we still want to raise more awareness of the varied international career opportunities Empower has to offer and tell more about our interesting positions, says Kirsi-Marja Heliste, Senior Vice President, HR, HSE and Communications.

Empower was compared with five of its competitors in Finland and Sweden, and it did well in this competition. In both countries, Empower was ranked second in terms of image and attractiveness compared with its competitors.

– As Empower is competing over top engineering specialists along with other companies operating in the field, it is very important that we have a good business image and are seen as a desirable employer in order to be able to attract potential experts, also in the future, Kirsi-Marja Heliste says.

An inspiring and dynamic working environment offering diverse tasks

Students see Empower as a respected and successful company with an inspiring mission. In addition, its people and culture are dynamic, and it respects its employees. Its leaders are also considered to support development.

– It is wonderful to see that we are a rather widely known and respected employer among students. The qualities associated with Empower as an employer are largely those that future experts generally appreciate, Heliste says.

According to engineering students, Empower is also regarded as a good reference considering their future careers. Students expect that Empower offers challenging and diverse tasks. In addition, Empower was linked with teamwork, customer orientation and high volumes of responsibility.

Further information: Kirsi-Marja Heliste, Senior Vice President, HR, HSE and Communications, tel. +358 50 514 3339, kirsi-marja.heliste@empower.fi.