Empower IM to Supply a New Customer Information System to Elenia

mån 10 mar 2014 10:50:00

On 4 March 2014, Elenia Oy and Empower IM Oy signed an agreement on the delivery of a customer information system to Elenia Group. Elenia will use the new system for customer service and invoicing processes in the electricity network, heating and gas businesses. Elenia Oy has 410,000 electricity network customers. Elenia Lämpö Oy has nearly 5,000 customer agreements and approximately 85,000 end users.

The procurement was made through a public procurement process and is worth EUR 4 million. The delivery project has begun and the implementation will take place in 2016. The agreement covers support and maintenance services during the production phase. 

"The new customer information system is a large and very important project for Elenia during the next two years. We wish to remodel the service we offer to our customers and increase the cost efficiency of our operations. Empower is a carefully chosen partner whose expertise we can trust," says Tapani Liuhala, CEO of Elenia Oy.

"The modular structure of the EnerimCIS system enables us to deliver a system optimised for the processes of electricity network and district heating businesses.  The new system is developed for processing hourly electricity consumption data for the Nordic energy market.  The agreement offers us a great opportunity to develop the EnerimCIS system further with Elenia, a pioneer in this line of business," says Antti Ruokonen, CEO of Empower IM Oy.

More information:

Empower IM Oy, CEO Antti Ruokonen, tel. + 358 44 425 2010
Elenia Oy, CEO Tapani Liuhala, tel. +358 400 33 1130