Empower has been selected as the main contractor for Nordex 12 wind turbine project in northern Sweden

ons 28 mar 2018 15:00:00

Empower has signed an agreement on the construction of a wind farm Liden in Sweden, with the Nordex Group. Empower is responsible for the comprehensive construction of the wind farm's infrastructure, including the park's internal roads and lifting areas, conversion routes, power plant foundations, the internal power and telecom network and substation. Improving the wind park's current road and building of new roads has already begun and the park is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2019. The wind farm project employs about 50 people during the construction peak season.

The wind farm is built north of the village of Trehöningsjön in northern Sweden, about 90 km west of Umeå. The wind farm is built in two parts, of which the now-started Åliden project concerns the construction and installation of 12 wind turbines, which will upon completion generate an estimated annual energy output of 165 GWh. The Åliden park's nominal power will rise to 46.8 megawatts.

Empower is a leading provider of renewable energy services in Finland and in Sweden Empower is the main contractor already for nearly 100 power plants. The Group's services cover solutions for the development and maintenance of the entire lifecycle of wind parks, as well as 24/7 operations and control services.

- Empower's knowledge of the characteristics of the Nordic energy market will help us to produce renewable energy production to our customers in a profitable way. We are actively following industry development and are in the forefront of deploying new innovations. The Åliden project is currently in a detailed design of technical solutions phase and we are currently exploring the possibility of using rock-reinforcing foundations in power plant layouts. In this case, reducing the size of the foundations will significantly reduce the use of steel and concrete, which will reduce the carbon footprint of construction, says project manager Jarkko Finnilä from Empower.