Empower Group on a profitable growth track

fre 25 maj 2018 09:45:00

2017 Highlights

Group Key figures

Business overview

The Group's revenue in 2017 were EUR 245,3 million (243,1), an increase of 0,9 % compared to the previous year's comparison period. The Group's EBITDA in 2017 was EUR 16,4 million, representing a healthy 6,7 % margin (2016: EUR 17,3 million, 7,1 %). Difference compared to last year results mainly from non-recurring one-off items. Net profit was EUR 5,3 million and improved significantly due finalization of discontinued businesses.

Our services and products experienced high demand and our order backlog reached its’ all time high. We signed several multiannual service contracts that expanded our customer base and secured a strong market position for year 2018 onwards. Digital product development progressed well, and we introduced analytics and location tracking products to the international markets.


Empower has secured a strong order backlog, and the outlook for the year 2018 is positive. Our revenue is expected to increase significantly within telecommunication and energy industry where we expect to continue expanding our operations across the Nordics. Due the previously implemented efficiency initiatives Empower Group’s profitability is expected to increase and our profitability prospects are promising in all businesses.