Empower expands to the Danish energy market with Vattenfall

tor 9 jun 2016 12:43:24

New legislation that transformed the energy market entered into force in Denmark at the beginning of April. Vattenfall adjusted its systems to correspond with the new market model. The company chose Empower as its partner for this.

In the new model, all electricity retailers in Denmark also invoice their customers for the electricity distribution fees. This has required electricity retailers to change their service processes. Consumer customers now receive customer service and invoices from a single operator.

In addition to the implementation of a new centralised message processing system, the service delivery also includes the continuous recording of measurement values and monthly invoicing of Danish customers. In practice, Empower is in charge of measuring the electricity consumption of Vattenfall’s customers and for delivering monthly invoicing data based on which Vattenfall invoices its customers. Empower also administers consumer customers’ changes of electricity retailers.

– The first round of invoicing in Denmark was executed very smoothly. Empower did a great job. That enabled us to stay on schedule all around, says Project Manager Henrik Juhlin from Vattenfall AB in Sweden.

All data connected to the electricity market travels through a central server in Finland, which communicates with the Datahub in Denmark. The new service platform was adopted at the beginning of April, and the first invoices were prepared at the beginning of May.

– This is our first project in Denmark and we are pleased that whole process went very well. We would like to execute similar projects in Norway and the other Nordic countries, says Project Manager Tero Tapiola at Empower IM Oy.

Vattenfall chose Empower as the service provider because the company’s flexible platform makes it possible to implement this type of electricity market services quickly and easily in all the Nordic countries. Vattenfall is also an Empower customer in Finland, where the company supervises Vattenfall’s hydroelectric power production.

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