Empower EnerimCIS invoicing and customer information system as a joint delivery to energy companies

tor 18 jan 2018 10:15:00

As a result of changes in the energy industry, many energy companies have actively modernised their information systems. There are many projects underway and new ones are still under planning. The challenge is to complete the changes before the introduction of the Finnish datahub. Empower has launched a new service model in which energy companies can acquire their customer information systems as a joint delivery. The first project delivery will be made for Keuruun Sähkö and Äänekosken Energia that selected Empower as the supplier of their new customer information system.

Empower EnerimCIS will be delivered as a SaaS solution, and it will cover invoicing towards the energy companies' customers regarding power distribution, energy retail and district heating. Äänekosken Energia will also use the solution to charge its customers for their water consumption. The service delivery project will start in January 2018 from the definition phase, and the system will be commissioned during 2019.

– Our aim is to modernise our services at all times and find more efficient ways to complete projects, and we have been able to define a good model together with our customers. What is exceptional about this project is that Empower delivers the service to energy companies as a joint delivery. This new service model provides the companies involved with significant synergy benefits, as we can combine specific project phases, making the project more efficient. At the same time, energy companies can learn from one another and share their best practices, says Mika Yletyinen, President of Empower IM.

The new service model also helped energy companies to reach a decision.

– The partnership model proposed by Empower was highly attractive and, after we were able to find Äänekosken Energia, another company from Central Finland, as our partner, it was easy to select Empower as our supplier, says Esa Koivula, managing director of Keuruun Sähkö. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of the services we offer to our customers. EnerimCIS in which all basic energy market processes are automatic to improve cost efficiency helps us to reach this goal.

Äänekosken Energia and Keuruun Sähkö both have roughly 10,000 energy customers, and they also supply district heating locally to their customers. Äänekosken Energia also supplies water in its operating area. Both of these are long-term partners of Empower.

– We started working with Empower nearly ten years ago through measurement services. Our partnership has expanded to cover other energy management services, as well. We have grown used to swift projects with Empower, and we have high expectations for the upcoming joint delivery project, says Maarit Herranen, CEO of Äänekosken Energia.

– We would like to thank both customers for their trust in us and our services. The modular structure of EnerimCIS adapts to customer needs from the start, and our new service model adds more flexibility to the delivery project. We know that Keuruun Sähkö and Äänekosken Energia made an excellent choice, Mika Yletyinen says.