Empower approaching world's forefront in safety – Level II rating awarded by the Zero-Accident Forum

fre 23 okt 2015 15:11:21

Empower’s Industry Division in Finland has been granted a Level II occupational safety evaluation by the Zero-Accident Forum on 22, October 2015. Rating is awarded to workplaces who focus on continuous development of occupational safety. A steering group formed by representatives of the Zero-Accident Forum's member firms evaluates applications and confirms the ratings. This year, altogether twelve firms were awarded a Level II occupational safety evaluation.

Zero-Accident Forum's member firms along with their independent profit centers are eligible to apply for an annual occupational safety assessment. A combination of factors, including lost workday injury frequency and severity of accidents, determines the level rating. The requirements include that the accident investigation and the notification procedure for dangerous situations are in place. The aim is that the workplace will use the ‘level approach’ as a tool to monitor and develop its occupational safety and to encourage to pursue even better occupational safety level than before.

“We have systematically invested in improving occupational safety and safely culture within the Industry Division together with our customers for many years. The number of accidents has decreased dramatically during 2013-2015. This year, there has been only one accident leading to more than one day of absence. Empower’s strong focus on occupational safety is reflected also in our other operations. We are very pleased that our perseverance has been recognized also by the Zero-Accident Forum,” says Eero Paunonen, President of the Industry Division at Empower.

There are three occupational safety ratings:1) World-class 2) Approaching World's Forefront in Safety and 3) Heading in the right direction. The three-level approach is designed to help workplaces to assess implemented changes that have taken place during the last year. The level is compared to the organization's own previous level, not to other workplaces.

For further information, please contact:

Eero Paunonen, President, Industry Division, Empower Oy, telephone number: +358 44 425 2260, email address: eero.paunonen(at)empower.fi

Sini Ahlgren, Head of Occupational safety, Empower Oy, telephone number:+358 44 425 2208, email address: sini.ahlgren(at)empower.fi

Empower Group Communications, Empower Media Desk (weekdays 9am -4pm), empower.communications(at)empower.fi

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