Empower and Sonera delivered an optical fibre network for 7,000 homes in record time

tor 4 jul 2013 09:34:00

During the past spring and early summer commissioned by Sonera, Empower Oy built an optical fibre network in record time for Jyväskylän Vuokra-asunnot Oy. Thanks to a well-planned and well-executed project, over 7,000 households in Jyväskylä got access to super-fast broadband connections and comprehensive cable TV services in record time.

"The challenge was an extremely tight schedule. Even though the work was started only at the beginning of February, the network construction was completed as early as mid-June. This regardless of the exceptional extent of the project. In all 36 kilometres of cable ditch was dug, 67 kilometres of cables were laid and almost 230 properties were connected to the network.  Despite the challenging timetable, the commissioning took place as agreed on 28 July," says Petri Lindtman, project manager for Empower Oy.

"The aim was to give the customers broadband service faster than what had been possible in these kinds of projects before. The long winter made the timetable especially challenging, since digging is extremely difficult and expensive during winter. The deadline was met thanks to excellent cooperation and we managed to make the services available to the customers just before summer holidays," says Lasse Myllylä, departmental manager responsible for the project at Sonera.

The successful project was based on extremely good cooperation and flexible activities between all the parties to the project. "It has been important to Empower, Sonera, the City of Jyväskylä and the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment that the demanding project timetable was met and cooperation was excellent.  In fact, a large part of the rapid progress of the project was due to the project design and work management team as well as technicians participating in the construction. Flexible activities between all the parties made the success of this project possible," says Lindtman.

Further information:

Jari Leppäalho, project director, Empower Oy,
Tel. +358 50 5365824
Email: jari.leppaalho[at]empower.fi

Lasse Myllylä, departmental manager, Sonera
Tel. +358 400 904470
Email: lasse.myllyla[at]teliasonera.com