Empower and Digita to cooperate in developing smarter business for industries through IoT

ons 24 jan 2018 10:20:00

Empower and national network operator Digita have started a cooperation in which the smart industrial maintenance and management analytics service provider Empower will utilise Digita’s IoT network based on LoRaWAN technology in its Emsight analytics service in Finland. With the Emsight service, industrial companies are able to monitor and analyse data from sensors at multiple measuring points. 

In the energy sector, the solution is employed at hydroelectric and thermal power plants, among others. By making use of Digita’s IoT network, sensors can now be placed to monitor sites that are geographically distant and which have no staff physically present.

– This gives an excellent opportunity to develop production processes from a more data-oriented approach, explains Stefan Wiklund, Director, Digital Services and IoT at Empower. Small, critical changes may also be difficult to observe with the naked eye. In such cases, data transmitted by the sensors on the anomaly will initiate repairs before the situation escalates.

Digita’s IoT network is based on tall masts and two-way LoRa technology, and its connected devices are cost-efficient and simple to operate. The battery life of portable devices connected to the IoT network is also significantly better than with older technologies, and their implementation is effortless.

– At Digita, we are pleased to be able to combine our expertise with Empower and provide real-time data that different types of production facilities can use to improve and enhance operations, says Ari Kuukka, Director, IoT Services at Digita. Digita’s LoRaWAN network enables the agile and cost-efficient monitoring of various types of equipment over significant distances, Kuukka adds.