Empower acquires Trelab’s technology solutions

tor 22 feb 2018 08:18:00

Services company Empower has acquired real-time measuring technology solutions developed by TreLab. With the acquisition, Empower strengthens its digital solutions for industry and creates new services utilising the IoT technology. This is part of the process of speeding up Empower’s IoT technology development work.

- One of our fastest growing business areas is digital solutions which we deliver both for industrial use and for the energy sector. With this acquisition, we expand our IoT technology expertise and invest resources into building a smarter society according our strategy, says Jari Onniselkä, CEO of the Empower Group.

The sensor technology developed by TreLab is an essential part of Empower’s EmSight Lite remote monitoring and analysis service developed for the troubleshooting of industrial machinery and for monitoring unmanned industrial installations. From the customer perspective, acquisition means an increase in Empower’s technology capabilities and opens more extensive possibilities for solving the customers’ challenges related to servicing and maintenance with the help of analytics, utilizing the professional expertise of the entire personnel.

- By combining our strong expertise in industrial servicing and maintenance operations with the utilization of analytics technology, we can provide our customers with the best possible service, Onniselkä believes. It is of course also important for us that our position as a pioneer of digital solutions for industrial use will be further enhanced.

According to a study by Accenture industry is now undergoing a radical change where conventional methods of operation and earning have been challenged due to the media change brought about by digitalization. Digitalization provides a possibility to build smart factories where machines talk to each other and produce information that can be analyzed for optimizing and developing production. It will be possible to share all information in real time, and that will lead to profound changes for the entire industrial ecosystem.

With this acquisition we now have all the elements required for achieving our goal of providing digital solutions with which our customers can seek to achieve a competitive edge in their respective sectors of industry, Onniselkä concludes.