Embot Buddy software robot based on Santeri Tuominen's thesis work

mån 26 mar 2018 12:51:00

In his thesis, Santeri Tuominen, System Specialist at Empower, studied how Empower could utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

– I looked for areas where we could start the deployment of Robotic Process Automation, says Santeri who completed his master's degree in engineering at the Tampere University of Technology.

For his thesis, Santeri interviewed experts from every Empower business area. In spring, the results of Santeri's thesis will be put into practice through a pilot that will bring Embot Buddy, Empower's software robot, to life. Embot Buddy will start in Telecom Network Services where it will assist project managers in procurement.

– Even though our new colleague will not be physically present in our offices, it will be part of our employees' everyday work, as Embot Buddy will work round the clock, sending email to our employees about all the things it has done, Santeri says.

The software robot pilot is part of Empower's major investments in digitalisation projects.

– Following our strategy, we want to be one of the pioneers of digitalisation. Our aim is to use digital solutions to develop our internal functions and services, says Johan Fagerström, CTO at Empower Group.

Robotic Process Automation makes working easier

RPA stands for applications that are programmed to carry out a specific repetitive process on a computer. It means that certain recurring and slightly mechanical tasks are performed by software robots. A software robot can use all systems and user interfaces of a computer.

– Most office workers have endless repetitive routines that can be assigned to software robots, says Santeri. The purpose of a software robot is to automate processes and allow employees to focus on tasks that require expertise and human thought processes. Tasks that can be assigned to a software robot include various routine processes, such as the transfer of data from one system to another.

Embot Buddy will work hard, assisting our experts and helping them to build even better customer experiences and a smarter society!