Changes in Telecom Network Division Management

fre 23 maj 2014 09:39:35

Ari-Jussi Knaapila, Head of Telecom networks division, has informed us he will leave Empower in the middle of June. He will commence as CEO of a new company to be established by the state of Finland. This new company will be active in high speed telecommunication infra and cyber security and owner of Corenet Oy, state owned special networks operating company.

“Ari-Jussi has done a remarkable work in Empower. He joined Empower in 2008 and during the past three years he has lead successfully Empower’s largest division. I want to thank him for the work for Empower and wish him the best success and luck in his new challenges”, says Eero Auranne, CEO of Empower group.

Ari-Jussi’s last day at Empower is June 13th. The search process for the head of Telecom networks division is going on. Mr Antti Ruokonen has agreed to lead the division during the interim time among other duties as the head of Information Management Division.

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