Caruna to provide future electricity market`s customer service and invoicing with Empower`s EnerimCIS system

ons 21 okt 2015 15:24:49

Caruna Oy and Empower IM Oy have signed an agreement on 20 October, 2015 regarding an invoicing and customer information system service delivery. The total value of the delivery, subject to public bidding procedure, is approximately EUR 6 million.

“We want to ensure our future success in the electricity market by using a modern, modular solution, which offers necessary service interfaces needed by our customers and other stakeholders, and which additionally will contribute to our financial performance with automatic and real-time invoicing processes,” says Katriina Kalavainen, Head of Customer Relations at Caruna Oy.

“We are very pleased that Caruna, one of the forerunner distribution system operators, is in the first line of progress meeting the future challenges for electricity companies, and that in doing so, has chosen to implement the market’s most flexible invoicing and customer information system available, EnerimCIS. Our system is built to meet the needs of the developing Nordic energy market and the future challenges of the distribution system operators and energy suppliers. With EnerimCIS, it is possible to provide the necessary future solutions, e.g. managing the charging of electric cars, small-scale production, flexible consumption and energy communities. We will continue to develop the product in co-operation with our customers,” says Mika Yletyinen, Managing Director of Empower IM Oy.

Empower IM’s EnerimCIS is built to produce automatically all processes needed in the energy retail market. The service provided to Caruna is operational through webbrowser and it can be easily adjusted to changes in the electricity market. Furthermore, the modular system allows customers to combine also third party suppliers and systems to the platform.

The service is due to commence during the first half of 2017. After the implementation phase, Empower will also be responsible for the maintenance and support of the Caruna EnerimCIS system and its capacity services.

Further information:

Katriina Kalavainen, Head of Customer Relations, Caruna Oy, tel. +358 50 525 0552, katriina.kalavainen(at)

Mika Yletyinen, Managing Director, Empower IM Oy, Empower group, tel. +358 400 452870, mika.yletyinen(at)

Empower IM (Information Management) Oy provides energy companies with data systems and service solutions that improve the efficiency of customers' energy operations and support them in utilising the opportunities offered by changing energy markets. Empower IM operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Baltic Countries, and employs some 150 people.

Empower IM Oy is part of the Empower group. Empower is a multinational service company that builds and maintains electricity and telecom networks, maintains factories and power plants and delivers information management systems and services to energy sector. The company provides services in more than a hundred locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The group`s turnover in 2014 was €311 million and it employs some 2,700 persons.