Axpo Nordic extends service contract with Empower

fre 14 nov 2014 20:28:00

Axpo Nordic has extended its contract with Empower IM OY regarding systems and services for balance management, balance settlement, electricity trading and invoicing. The new contract runs for three years and is estimated to be worth over two million euros.

Empower has had a Nordic contract with AXPO Nordic (formerly EGL Nordic) since 2004. The foundations of this business relationship were laid when Empower started to supply EDIEL messaging services (messages that are sent between the market players in order to keep track of customers, their facilities and their consumption of electricity) to what was then EGL Nordic. Since then, both the range of services and the sales volume have increased annually and have also come to encompass Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Today, Empower supplies systems and a comprehensive range of services to Axpo Nordic that make its role as a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) for energy producers and suppliers as well as industrial customers possible.

-  “Through our system responsibility, Axpo Nordic is able to secure the balance between the production and consumption of its customers' electricity, which is an absolute must for all players and is regulated in the legislation.
As a result of this contract, we are able to strengthen our position as a Nordic supplier of balance responsibility services and can continue to develop our range of services for a wider market. The fact that, once again, we are gaining the renewed confidence of Axpo Nordic shows that we live up to their expectations and I look forward to a new contract period”, says Mika Yletyinen, President of the Information Management Division, Empower.

Håkon Røhne, Managing Director of Axpo Nordic, comments:

- "We've worked with Empower since 2004. Since then, our activities have grown dramatically in all of the Nordic countries, but also in the Baltic states. Empower has demonstrated a high level of flexibility and a great desire to design its services and products together with us in our expansion. We need a stable and secure cooperation partner for our balance responsibility services in our continued expansion and in order to reach our goals."

For further information, please contact:

Mika Yletyinen
, President Information Management Division Empower
Tel: +358 (0)40 045 2870

Magnus Eriksson, Manager Sweden, Empower IM
Tel. +46725710147

Håkon Røhne, Managing Director Axpo Nordic
Tel: +47 (0)99 70 49 52

About Empower:

Empower is a multinational service company which helps keep the wheels of society running and improves the competitiveness of customers. Empower Group builds, installs, maintains and repairs electricity and telecom networks, maintains power plants and factories and delivers ICT solutions. Empower provides services in more than a hundred locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Turnover in 2013 was €325 million, and the company has more than 2,900 employees.

About Axpo:

The Axpo Group with Axpo Power AG, Axpo Trading AG and Centralschweizerische
Kraftwerke AG (CKW) is a Swiss energy company with strong local roots and a European
profile. Axpo produces, distributes and sells power and trades on the international energy markets. Axpo also offers innovative energy services to customers in Switzerland and Europe.

About Axpo Nordic:

Axpo Nordic AS is one of the leading energy trading companies in the Nordic region. The company specialises in services and products suitable to meet the needs of wind and waterpower producers, electricity suppliers and electricity-intensive industries. Axpo Nordic is a daughter company of the Axpo Group. For additional information: