Appointments within Empower Oy's Information Management and Telecom Network Divisions

fre 14 mar 2014 08:39:00

Jarmo Roiha (44), M.Sc. Techn., started as sales director in the Information Management Division on 24 February 2014.

The Information Management Division looked for a person with particular knowledge of utility companies and their operating processes and data systems to strengthen its sales organisation. Jarmo transferred to Empower from the position of sales support team manager at Vattenfall Consumer Sales Nordic. Jarmo has experience in various distribution, sales and IT tasks at Vattenfall, Helsingin Energia and Fortum.

Jarmo reports to Antti Ruokonen and joins the management team of the Information Management Division. He will be stationed in Helsinki. His tasks will focus on the sales and development of IT systems and services implemented with them for utility companies. Jarmo's expertise will also be used to support the Division's sales in Scandinavia.

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Antti Ruokonen

Appointment in the Telecom Network Division

Janne Korhonen (47) started work as business manager in the Telecom Network Division's sales on 10 March 2014.

The Telematic Solutions subdivision started within the Telecom Network Division on 1 January 2014. It produces telecom network solutions for businesses, smart traffic solutions for traffic routes, and assessment, planning and operating services for various network owners. The objective is to create a strong business in Finland and Sweden as a part of the Telecom Network Division's business operations by 2016.  Janne transferred to Empower from the position of business development director at C2 SmartLight Oy. He has extensive experience and a strong network within the telematics market in both Finland and Sweden.

Janne reports to Taneli Vuorinen. He will also join the management team of the Telematic Solutions subdivision, led by Hannu Kupila, to help ensure close cooperation between sales and production.  In particular, Janne's tasks will focus on smart traffic solutions, together with lighting solutions and services.

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Taneli Vuorinen