Digital products and services production environment

Highly flexible and secure production environment

Empower's production environment is a mixture of private and public cloud platforms. Security is crucial part of the design.

We provide industry specific and tailored digital solutions built upon our long experience from the industrial domain. This gives us the competitive edge, as we test and deploy our products in the field and get the instant feedback on how to further iterate the product to make it better.

Production environment

  • Two data centers in separate geographical locations provide high availability virtualized platform for servers. Both data centers are locating in southern Finland.
  • Built-in security. Realtime visibility enables reactivity for anomalies.
  • Modern cloud technologies in use, which enable scalable secure services.

Industrial Work Safety and Optimized Operations

Our products utilize advanced positioning and location technology providing active work safety, security
and production optimization. For production process optimization we provide real-time predictive analytics. Core technologies for work safety are based on advanced real-time collision avoidance algorithms and analytics.

We use advanced route, flow and stacking algorithms in our production optimization solutions. Our in-house sensor and data aggregation technologies enable solutions for predictive maintenance use cases.

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