Our story

Who are we?

Empower is a multinational company building a smarter society. 

The company develops digital platforms for customer needs utilizing profound domain competences of the service business ranging from building and maintaining electricity and telecom networks and maintaining factories and power plants to delivering information management systems and services to the energy sector. The company operates in the Nordic countries and in the Baltics.


We focus on the 4 essentials of smart society:

Intelligent Data

The Data Economy, is a new way of doing business by using information and technology as facilitators of communication, data transfer and commercial transactions. The “Networked” Business models as core of the Digital Economy. Platforms beat pipelines.

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Sustainable Energy

A smart grid revolution is well underway. Three major megatrends; the rise of Renewable energy, life on the grid edge and electrification of the society are all driving investments to redesign, build and operate smarter grid and related operational services.

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Smart Industry

Industry 4.0 introduces what has been called the “smart factory,” in which cyber-physical systems control and monitor processes, make decentralized decisions and workflows are digitized and data driven. Benefits are clear. In challenging working environments, the health and safet...

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A hyper-connected society is one of ubiquity, of embeddedness, a society in which the connectivity is becoming “like electricity”, a core essential. Speed and resiliency of connectivity becomes crucial in our daily lives and fuel for innovations and disruptive services.

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Our brief history

Empower's history goes back to Teollisuuden Voimansiirto Oy, which was established in 1988. Owned by Etelä-Pohjanmaan Voima, Pohjolan Voima, Nokia Voima and Etelä-Suomen Voima, the company specialised in the transmission, sale and purchase of electricity, as well as the construction and maintenance of transmission networks. Teollisuuden Voimansiirto was merged into Pohjolan Voima in 1997.

Empower was established in 1998 when Pohjolan Voima reorganised the group's service business into a new group of companies called PVO-Palvelut Oy. Following the establishment of Empower in 1999, a number of subsidiaries were established in various business areas.As the first step towards internationalisation, in 2000 the company acquired a majority holding in Eesti Elektrivõrkude Ehitus, an Estonian network construction company. In 2002 Eesti Elektrivõrkude Ehitus became Empower EEE AS with subsidiaries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In 2001 Vattenfall Oy divested some of its operations to Empower and became a shareholder in the company. Under this contract Suomen Voimatekniikka Oy became a subsidiary of Empower.

Empower Oyj, as we know it today, took shape at the end of 2003. The corporate management at the time, the capital investors 3i Group and Nordea Capital purchased Empower's entire share capital from Pohjolan Voima and Vattenfall.

In 2008 Empower's ownership changed and new owners are AAC Capital Patrtners and the corporate management.

We realize smart society essentials and keep a pulse on them 24/7.


Empower envisions the world of hyper connected, sustainably powered, smartly produced and intelligent data driven smart society.





With us society, its mission critical service providers, organizations and institutions can realize their desired state of smart society and make it real.
Our Competitive Strategy

Domain knowledge by Agile Service Work

Unlike pure technology companies we have industry specific experience and service people on the ground to keep a pulse on smart society 24/7.

Digitized processes, tools and products

Unlike pure service companies we innovate and develop intuitive, effective and scalable digital software products to get the job done efficiently. 

Intelligent Data 

Through people, digital products and technologies we collect fresh, unprocessed and real time smart society data to refine, provide and operationalize it.

We manage business according to our 5 core values.

Act as an example

  • We act as an example to our collegues, customers and suppliers.
  • By acting as an example, we show respect towards each other.

Build winning attitude

  • We work to achieve the set goals and we work to become a bit better – every day. 
  • We raise positive examples to the spotlight and give constructive feedback.

Build trust

  • We build trust through honest and personal approach.
  • We give trust in order to show respect towards each other.


  • We are aware of the messages we send to others and we listen carefully what people say around us.
  • We talk with each other, not about each other.

Take responsibility

  • We always keep our promises.
  • We deliver our work in time and we dare to intervene, if needed.

Empower's goal is to be the best service company in the field. To reach the goal we work actively according to our five values. They form the basis of our daily work and guide our working methods and decision making.